- Integrate the use of handheld technologies as a recognised and accepted learning tool within school education (primary, secondary and special schools) 

- Embed the use of handheld technologies within teacher training programmes (initial / in-service / CPD) using agreed learning outcomes to insert these into ECVET and develop the Comenius in-service training programme, supported with relevant resources including a teacher’s guide. 

- Pilot the training programme with teachers in primary, secondary and special schools as part of initial teacher training or in service training / CPD

- Enable teachers to use their new skills and competences by piloting handheld technologies in and outside of the classroom in a school based project in subjects and activities of their choice identified as part of their own learning process while on their teacher training programme

- Explore how after review and adaptation, the programme might be accredited at national levels as part of initial teacher training and/or in-service / CPD and further developed as a Comenius in-service training programme 

- Develop a blended learning offer, inserting a modular/flexible option on a web based platform

- Develop a model for a whole school approach to embedding the use of handheld technologies within the curriculum through in-service training

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